Justice under Heavy Fire – LBcompare

It’s coming from all angles. Court fee hikes equivalent to a 500% increase and the closure of at least 86 county courts.

As Gordon Exall says in his brilliant blog about the court fee increases, those responsible should ‘hang their heads in shame’.

On LegalBeagles, we directly help thousands of people navigate through the court system and we feel total dismay at these proposed increases.

The basic application fee, currently already too high at £155 will go up to £255. This means that every time a default judgment is entered by mistake against someone, it will now cost them £100 more to apply to set it aside.You may think this doesn’t happen that often? Unfortunately you would be wrong. Default judgments entered against people due to the wrong address being used is very common, people don’t realise the importance of mail forwarding or notifying every single creditor old and new of an address change. Often they only discover the CCJ when they go to buy a home or vehicle.

Source: Justice under Heavy Fire – LBcompare