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Who are we?

We are passionate about reaching people when they are under pressure trying to make sense of their legal problems. We reach two million consumers annually through LegalBeagles which has always operated on a not for profit basis so we are trusted by consumers to provide impartial help.

  • guarding your consumer rights

  • when legal matters

  • business legal services

We founded the popular LegalBeagles forum in 2007, so we have ten years of experience helping consumers and SME’s find legal help. If you need to ask a question on the forum just join here.

Many consumers and SME’s ask us to recommend solicitors for when they need professional help; which is why we have built JustBeagle to provide the UK’s first all of market search and comparison site.

JustBeagle contains details for all 11,500 English and Welsh law firms meaning you can search ALL firms easily in one place!

We are all about transparency, so we also show listings for fixed fee prices where they are offered but as only 17% of law firms currently display pricing, it is difficult to search all the different offers available. JustBeagle displays fixed fees all in one place for easy comparison.

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