April 3, 2014

About Us

We founded the popular LegalBeagles forum in 2007, so we have ten years of experience helping consumers and SME’s find legal help. If you need to ask a question on the forum just join here.

We are passionate about reaching people when they are under pressure trying to make sense of their legal problems. We reach two million consumers annually through LegalBeagles which has always operated on a not for profit basis so we are trusted by consumers to provide impartial help.

Many consumers and SME’s ask us to recommend solicitors for when they need professional help; which is why we have built JustBeagle to provide the UK’s first all of market search and comparison site.




Press & Media

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: Kate Briscoe on 0300 303 2020 or 07811210111

Our registered address is Celame (UK) Limited ( 09220332 )25 Moorgate, London, England, EC2R 6AY
and our VAT registration number 206 9740 02.

LegalBeagles, JustBeagle and LBcompare are registered trademarks.


Law Gazette

5 January 2016
Consumer champions unveil fixed-fee comparison site

12 January 2015
Adapt or die, law firms

January 5th, 2016
Consumer rights forum launches legal services comparison website

September 3rd, 2014
Claims management regulator “still not tough enough”

August 28th, 2014
Web forum drives QS firm’s consumer credit growth

New Statesman

28 June 2012
Libel reform needs to keep writers out of court, not make it easier to win once they’re there

2nd October 2012
The £15m scandal our libel laws are silencing

Mail On Sunday / This Is Money

January 2nd 2016 TRAPPED! How a free box of veggies turned into a subscription nightmare and court claim over a negative review

June 27th 2015
JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Investigation over past four months leads to passport boss’s appointment…with the police

May 9th 2015
Victory! Passport profiteer Richard Howard threatened 750 of his customers with court action – but, as this couple have found, you can WIN

March 7th 2015
The Passport Profiteer who sends threatening demands to those who refuse to pay after being duped by £117 copycat service

March 6th 2015
Copycat website boss confronted: Jeff Prestridge grills Richard Howard of British Passport Services

February 28th 2015
Exposed: Copycat passport website boss who threatens customers with court – and the bill that soared from £117 to £700

January 24th 2015
Copycat websites designed to trick people into filing tax return through them (at a cost) foiled by our probe

The Guardian

22nd November 2014
Heartache, as savings pots to pay off creditors go missing

27th September 2014
Meet this ‘modern day hero’ who is determined to outscam the scammers

27th September 2014
Court delivers landmark victory on Lloyds TSB’s overdraft charges


February 20th, 2015
Virgin Media caught out on contradictory and confusing data protection doublespeak

The Scotsman

September 26th 2015
Man Wins Lloyds Battle after going £2.67 overdrawn

The Mirror

September 26th, 2014
Excessive bank charges court victory could open the floodgates for millions of consumers to sue

Sense about Science

London says goodbye to Libel Tourists

BBC News

27 June 2012
CAB official accused of harassment by civil recovery firm

27 February 2015
Passport Website sues its customers

Daily Star

26 September 2014
Victory for the broke ! Crippling overdraft charges could spark £1bn bank payout

New Law Journal

New routes for Lawyers – Straws in the Wind

News of the World

June 2009
Debtors targeted by dodgy claims firms


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